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It looks like the advertise is ready to start up again so it is time to buy mutual funds, but you only want to invest your money in funds that go up. First, you don't want to start with a loss so be sure to asset no-load mutual funds. There is no need to ever pay commissions as there are numerous thousand funds that have no appointment at all for any export or selling.

If you talk with a dealer he will try to baffle you that a appointment fund is advance than a no-load fund. He is lying. Find a further broker. Also don't pay any awareness to who the fund director is. All big name fund managers have cold periods when their funds go down.

Another thing the "experts" tell you is look at the amount ratios. Drivel again. Whether it is 1%, 2% or 3% the only thing you are alarmed with is is it going up since that is the net assume for your bank account. If you buy a fund at $20/share and it goes to $40/share do you care if the amount ratio is 10%? (It won't be. ) The only thing that counts is the base line.

Now the most chief thing. Which no-load fund? There are quite a few good sources. Go to the annals to look in hot back issues of Investor's Commerce Daily. On the first page of the back divide under "Making Money in Mutuals" near the base there will be a box catalog 25 to 50 funds. You will want to find the top funds for the past 3 months, 6 months and 9 months from time to time in numerous atypical issues of the paper. Don't pay any concentration to a longer episode of time than 12 months. You want funds that are going up now. In the same paper you will find the toll-free phone facts programmed by the names of the funds.

Or if you can use a central processing unit go to www. smartmoney. com. Click on Mutual Funds. Then click on 25 Top Funds. Here you will find an added list of the best the stage funds for the past year. Most of them are no-load and if there is a load allege it is shown in the Fee column. There are many Internet sources like this if you want to hunt for them.

Call to be sure they have no deliverance fees if you come to a decision to sell them in a short age of time. This is important.

With your mainframe or you can use one at the collection I bring to mind you go to www. bigcharts. com or www. cbsmarketwatch. com to look up each fund by the symbol. You will directly see why these actual funds are a good buy. They have been going up even when the broad advertise was going down. As long as this upmove continues you will want to own these funds. When they start down you must sell them to guard your first city and your profits. Never stay with a fund that is going down. Brokers will not do this for you. You must be in allege of your own money.

This may or may not be the start of the next bull bazaar move, but if it is this is the right way to buy mutual funds now or any time. (Cut out and save this column. )

Al Thomas' book, "If It Doesn't Go Up, Don't Buy It!" has helped thousands of associates make money and keep their profits with his clear-cut 2-step method. Read the first episode at http://www. mutualfundmagic. com and determine why he's the man that Wall Street does not want you to know.

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