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One of the basic laws of physics is that a body in action will hang about in beckon if not bothered by an added force. What has this to do with the stock market?

For the last 2 years the long-term trend of the marketplace has been down with a few passing deviations. When a baseball player hits a ball it comes off his bat at full speed and as it makes its arc all the way through the air it slows down and is buffeted by the wind. Every so often he hits a weak shot and once in a while he gets a home run. You can approximately tell when it grass the bat whether it will be a good one.

On March 1 and March 4 the bazaar came to the plate and it went up so fast and with so much energy it looks like we have a home run in the making. It has been my come into contact with not to argue with an accomplished athlete. The athletes we are big business with here are the expert traders such as hedge fund and mutual fund managers. They have come advance and put their money where their mouth is. It looks like the ball is going to go a long way.

You as the small patron will want get on board while the ball is in the upward trajectory. Pick characteristic stocks is enormously challenging as I discussed in last week's column, but it can be done if you want to do the work. There is an easier way.

No-load mutual funds are the answer. Good ones (that means those that have been going up steadily for the past 6 months) are more or less easy to find, Do NOT buy any fund with a administration charge. If you do you will be early in a hole and must crawl out already you have a accidental to make money. Brokers will tell you that the load funds are better. They are lying.

There are numerous spaces to look. At the collection you be supposed to see the Investor's Big business Daily newspaper. In the Mutual Fund division you will find the top 25 funds for the past 6 months. This is not in print every day so you will have to look in a number of issues to find it. You can make a list of the first 15 and in the same newspaper is the catalog of all mutual funds you will see their toll free number. Call each one to be sure it has no appoint allege or exchange fee. You can decide on from this group for your investments.

If you don't have a cpu at home use the one at the documents and go to www. smartmoney. com. Under mutual funds they will show you a list of the best the theater funds for the past year. They also show if they have a agency charge. From this list you will be able to buy some very good no-load funds.

Which ones you buy are not that chief as long as they are going up. Never keep any fund that is not on one these lists. When they stop going up it is time to sell them.

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