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Yesterday I conventional my monthly issue of MONEY magazine. This issue has the elite article called "The Best Investment Club" that highlights their picks for the top mutual fund managers. Let's see how their members made money for their shareholders.

My readers know that the only thing that counts in my book is accomplishment and carrying out means they make money and do NOT lose money so I went back to preview their background since these experts took over. When you see the domino effect of this club you will be glad you did not go on any camping trips with them. Here are six who deal with stock mutual funds.

As we go along you must keep in mind that fund managers get paid for the sum of money they have under management and not on how much they make for you.

MONEY magazine has given them titles. I will not declare their names, but will give you the fund along with the stock altercation badge so you can look it up on the Internet at www. bigcharts. com.

"The Survivor" who manages Seligman Connections Fund (SCICX) since it was founded has seen the share price start at $35 and rise to $54 only to fall back to $15 today. He is current with your money, but you are not.

"The Value Master" of Legg Mason Value Trust (LMNVX) sure doesn't know when the value has run out. Under his guidance the fund has gone from $45 to $78 to $43.

"The Maverick" of CGM Center Education (LOMCX) has been scared out of your wits by his horse. Share price in 1976 in progress at $10, went to $43 and is now $18. Tough ride for the shareholders.

Now we come to "The Bargain Hunter" who took over management of Oakmark Choose (OAKMX) in 2000 when the bazaar was at its peak. It was $22 and went up (!) to $37 and is now trading at $32. He is the only winner in the group. Congratulations.

Another loser is "The Opportunist". This guy ought to be being paid his buy recommendations from cab drivers. He could not do any worse for the Bright Chance Fund (SOPVX). It happening at $45 and has nobody but a downhill journey to its acquaint with $29.

For the Brandywine Fund (BRWIX) we have "The Development Guru". The only thing that grew fat was his wallet off of your money. He took over in 1998 at $45 and it went down to $22 in 1999, then up to $53 and is now $20. In point of fact he can only be given acknowledgment for the early payment from $45 to $53.

In all fairness to these trash I did not add in any funds gains or payment payouts which all through the few good years they had may have been very good, but doubtless not good a sufficient amount to keep you at "even".

There are all kinds of clubs you can join, but apparently this is not one for you. When you see publicity for a choice of mutual funds or how astonishing some fund boss is choose look away from the hype and check out the performance.

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