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Picking a beaten-down stock requires a another kind of choice process. Normally, most companies beaten down this far have no dividend to speak of. Of course, if the business continues to earn money, one can apply customary appraisal techniques. By that measure, many of these stocks arrive despicably undervalued: an clue of great buys. But this may also be a red flag that belongings are "too good to be true".

Another criteria we look at focuses on the break down value of the circle and/or the capability of the band to keep in commission in bothered times. For example, debt ratios are chief as we want to be sure the ballet company will not be swallowed up in its debt payments. Book Value tells us the value of each share based upon the accountants valuations of assets and liabilities. Sometimes, we also look at cash-on-hand to ascertain if the ballet company is able to carry on as a going concern.

A glance at the high and low price that the shares have sold for in the past may denote no more than how crazy the advertise was only a few short years ago. Still, if investors were enthusiastic to pay $200 per share for a stock two years ago, it is arduous to accept as true that it's worth less than a money today. Maybe the authenticity is everyplace in between.

Openwave Systems (OPWV $1. 12, High $208; Buy Aggressively), is the top supplier of software that itinerant ceremony providers use to offer text and instantaneous messaging to customers. It also provides cellular phone Web browsing software. The company, which resulted from the joining of Phone. com and Software. com, develops crop on condition that wireless data assigning and messaging, cell phone e-mail, and encyclopedia services. A contemporary acquisition of SignalSoft adds a new artifact line, software that assists cellular users to locate destinations or other users. The business has a loyal subscriber base, and outstanding development prospects. Openwave, however, is archetypal of today's bargains. Formerly advertising as high as $208 per share (no, that's not a misprint), shares today cost only a barely over a dollar. With a book value more than 4 times that amount, in effect no debt, and cash on hand in dissipation of the stock price per share, there can be no doubt that the shares are now advertising at offensively low prices. We accept as true these shares characterize an outstanding high-risk buy at flow prices.

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