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The Great Stock Promote Secret

When the stock advertise is going up and all your stocks and mutual funds are assembly money you feel like a genius. It is too bad that some folks don't commit to memory what happened in 2000.

Hill of Hope

Just about now each is baffled as to which way the stock bazaar is going to go - up or down. For the past 3 years it has been headed south, but the Wall Boulevard experts have told us that the bazaar never goes down 4 years in a row so this has to be an up year.

The Fair Goose is Sick

It is after all easily spread up with them. The brokerage companies I mean.

Gurgle Gurgle

Caught in a vortex and being sucked under. No life vest or other apparatus to save you.

Hold Em and Fold Em

When most analysts, economic planners, fund specialists and investors try to come to a decision whether to buy a detail stock they closely go to the economic statements to clarify the augmentation ability of the company. Information and more numbers.

How Much In order Do You Need?

You have certain to buy some stock or mutual funds, but admiration which one to buy. You need more in order so you call your adviser for advice.


In today's capricious and perplexing stock markets each is incisive for a guru who knows which way the promote is going and when. Ask any economist and he will have an answer.

Emotional Involvement

I'll bet with just about any person that has stocks or mutual funds in his case that he has losers, but he won't sell them as he "likes them" or some alike excuse. This is the beliefs of a loser.

Enron Cure

Let's hope you did not have any of the Enron stock. Maybe you know a big name who did and lost everything, but you emphatically might know a number of associates who owned stock that lost just about everything.

Evaluation I

An insane being cannot evaluate an insane evaluation system.As you know I have been frustrating to do up sanity to the insane premises Wall Avenue has been beliefs its brokers and you for all these years.

Economists #2

Economists know more about how the fragments of civilization work than anyone. In educate they are skilled to break down the belt-tightening exercise into its lowest parts and to compute each trivia so it can develop into part of a formula.

Emotional Maturity

If you are going to be a winner in the stock advertise you must have emotional maturity. I did not say you had to be smart or know how to pick stocks and mutual funds.


Even if you don't own any of their stock or any stock at all you will want to read this.What Enron corporate officers did with their accounting firm is nonentity new.

Evaluation II

As I said in Part I each one in the insane haven looks normal, but at least the doctors are sane. Unfortunately, in the insane haven known as the stock advertise all the doctors (brokers) are also insane.

The Elephant

Four blind men were asked to give a category of an elephant. They had not seen one or ever encountered such a beast.

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