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Shorting Stocks - The Basics, Part I of II

What does it mean to short a stock?This means that you make use of the stock from your agent to sell to a third party. The idea is to buy back the stock at a lower price, frequent the shares to your agent while goodbye the enduring cash in your checking account as a profit.

Shorting Stocks - The Basics, Part II of II

After the newspaper of the first part of this two part series, I had a few questions asking if shorting stocks is legal and I will cursorily reply with a big YES. Some ancestors have faith in that shorting shares of American companies is not loyal or does not seem like the right thing to do.

Trading as a Business

What can I assume to make my first year of trading?We get questions like this one quite often. We find that most would-be traders don't have a clue as to what to assume from the market.

Bollinger Bands Strategies

The Bollinger Band assumption is calculated to illustrate the explosive nature of a stock. It is quite simple, being cool, calm and collected of a clear-cut heartbreaking average, and its upper and lower "bands" that are 2 accepted deviations away.

Peer Groups

Whenever I see mutual fund comparisons in the trade publications and in the pecuniary divide up of the newspaper they about at all times declare a detail fund and tell you how good it is in family member to its peer group. A peer group is a particular sector of mutual funds that all invest in about the same type of stocks or areas of the world or size of companies or some such categorization.

Why This Bear?

People are constantly asking me why is the stock bazaar going down. What is causing this bear market? It is fairly austere so don't ask an economist.

Kick The Tires

Before you buy an added car you walk about the lot, kick the tires, slam the doors and look at the mileage indicator. That's an odometer.

How To Buy And Hold

One of the most said bits of conservative wisdom from Wall Boulevard is to Buy and Hold. Any stock or mutual fund be supposed to be put away for eternity and never sold.

Rebalance And Diversify

The stock promote has not been very kind to your money lately. Your dealer knows this so you may have acknowledged a call from him suggestive of it is time to 'rebalance and diversify' your portfolio.

Social Insecurity

Just about the whole lot you have been told about Communal Defense is an obfuscation. That is a big word for complicated truth or lie.

Risk Control

Everything you invest in has risk so you want to do your delve into ahead of you put your money on the line.For example, when McDonald's opens a new restaurant (please, don't call it a hamburger joint) they will explore as many of the important facts as possible.

Protect Your 401K

Checked your 401K lately? Going back to about a year ago many of these retirement financial records have shrunk by 30%, some even more. What Happened?You have been putting money in for years and your employer may have been contributing to your plan also.

One Way Street

Ever turn down a street, get half way and rapidly appreciate it is one way and you are going the wrong way? Is that the way you feel when you look at your stock brokerage statement?In each case don't panic. You can get out of that one way road by cautiously back up out.

Top 25 Development Funds

On Monday, November 25, 2000 Investor's Affair Daily planned on page B1 the Top 25 Development Mutual Funds for the last 36 months along with their act for the year 2000 to date. Only four showed a profit this year of 21% and the other three had increases of 12%, 5%, and 5%.

How To Pick A Mutual Fund

Mutual funds by characterization are a mixed bag of stocks, bonds and a a small amount cash. Their price per share is the NAV, Net Asset Value of the total quantity of money in the mutual fund not speaking by the digit of shares.

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