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Trapeze Artiste - Undulation with the Stock Market

When we go to the show we see a trapeze actor operational on a high wire or swing also alone or with other athletes. They know what they are doing since of continuous practice, but every once in a while there can be a mistake, even a small one that can cause one of them to fall.

The Next Bull Market

We are before now in it, but you can't see it. It doesn't look like the one we had in '99.


It has fallen upon the consumer to make our cost-cutting strong. All the politicians, economists and chatting heads on TV are illuminating him (that's you and me) to get out there and spend your money.

Finding A Good Stock

One of the effects associates are all the time asking me is how can I find a good stock. The fulfil I give does not entertain them.

The Doctor General

The General practitioner Broad-spectrum of the United States says that smoking cigarettes is damaging to your health. It is in print on every pack of smokes you buy.

Stealth Bull

If you have been inspection the stock advertise at all you are in all probability very confused. You are not alone.

What To Buy Now

I am sure that if you have a brokerage bank account with a "full service" adviser you have been receiving calls about what to buy and sell. If you have big losses in a number of stocks you might be hit with that great Wall Lane lie to buy more so you can 'Dollar Cost Average'.


During the month of January the Dow Jones Engineering Average, commonly referred to as the DOW, had an about 1,000 point range, most of it down and the be in the region of financier has yawned and said 'so what, this has happened many times before'.Is there any aim to worry now?The terrible event of September 11 shocked investors who sold a lot and then watched the promote climb back to where it was on September 10.

Low Tide

When you stand on the ocean shore and watch the waves flouting you might be converted into aware that the tide is appearance in or going out. It is a slow course of action to watch the water back away and when it at last gets to its lowly point it is approximately awkward to tell if it has bunged or will flee further.

How To Be A Winner

Everyone who invests in the stock advertise wants to be a winner. Each person's clarity of a winner will be a bit different, but there is barely one who isn't looking for that stock that will bend in half in price contained by one year.


One of the basic laws of physics is that a body in activity will hang about in beckon except anxious by a further force. What has this to do with the stock market?For the last 2 years the long-term trend of the promote has been down with a few brief deviations.

Its Snowing

The Chill Games for the Olympics are advent up soon and many will want to go to see the giant slalom event. That's the one where the skier starts off from the barely hut at the top of a long slope, picks up speed and makes his way about poles on the way down.


It's about time a big name spoke the truth as to outsourcing. The politicians sure won't.

My Stock - Right or Wrong

We all know the expression, "My country, right or wrong", but have you ever attention about the stocks or mutual fund you own and said to yourself, "My stock - right or wrong" and held on to your attitude even as you saw your hard-earned money disappearing?This is the Buy N Hold policy and, in case you haven't noticed, lost from 40% to 60% and more of investors' money from 2000 to 2003. Fortunately, for the past year stock markets about the world have gone up and folks have well again about 25% to 30% from those low numbers.

Fools Gold

The stock advertise has been in an up trend for more than a year. Just about all is air good and many have faith in we are back in the old bull promote with the preceding high of the Dow Jones Developed Be an average of just about to be broken.

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