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Fake Money

Reach in your abridged and take out that big roll of bills. Depending on how many of them you have you feel appealing good.

Stock Analysis

I accept emails from Morningstar. This band provides info and examination of just about every overtly traded stock band you can think of as well as big in rank on mutual funds about the world.


In November of 2000 when the NASDAQ was trading at 3000 I wrote in this editorial that the NASDAQ Index would fall to 1500 and I got lots of heat for maxim it. Microsoft had fallen from $129 to $60 per share.

Low Cost Ratio

One of the big publicity kicks today from mutual funds is to tell how low their deprivation ratio is and that you will make a great deal more money if you buy and hold with them. Fairly true, but that is not the whole story.


Every day I hear from the "experts" on CNBC-TV and the radio gurus that the way to buy stocks is find value. One man's Rembrandt is an added man's connect-the-dots and fill in the spaces.

Inertia Syndrome

When it comes to export a stock or mutual fund most colonize act beautiful quickly. There are some who will take the time to get a account from Morningstar (it is worthless) or get information from their dealer (also worthless) or even do a exploration on the Internet (if you know what you are doing).

Perfect Storm

Having lived on the bus a schooner for 2 years I was incapacitated when I saw the movie "PERFECT STORM". I know these are belongings you want to avoid at all costs.

Complacency Indicator

If you haven't heard of the industrial indicator with the stock promote character VIX it is now time to pay some consideration to it. When the amount is in succession low, as it is now, about 15 to 18 it means all and sundry is happy and thinks the stock advertise is going to carry on up or at least carry on on its flow path and there is no need to sell anything.

Paddle Your Canoe

At some time in your life you have been on a river in a canoe and expectantly you had a paddle. You know about being up the creek devoid of one.

Trading Systems

To befit a lucrative broker you must have some kind of fashion or classification to admire that will keep you on track. You may be export and promotion on tips, the coarsen or phases of the moon (there is a classification like that).

Expense Ratios

Mutual funds and brokers are at all times preaching not to buy any fund with a high amount ratio. That is the once a year costs of the fund to pay for trading of stocks in their portfolio, salaries, rent, telephone, analysts, etc.


First let's see what protectionism is. According to Mr.


I incessantly hear from economists, discussion heads, other advertise dispatch writers, analysts and assorted "experts" that I need to know all kinds of "stuff" about the stocks and mutual funds I am going to buy and I must keep up with them on a accepted basis.What is this central "stuff"?Let's see.


One of the great "secrets" of flourishing associates is chastise and it doesn't make any differentiation whether it is manufacturing, processing, servicing or investing in the stock market.Before you can have that branch of learning you must have a flourishing plan and stick with it.

What Are You Coming up For?

Do you own any mutual funds? In an IRA or 401K or wherever. Privately or at work.

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