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Performance Funds

Mutual funds are doing more and more to dampen investors from exit them and charming their money to a change for the better drama fund. What does advance drama mean? It has naught to do with who the director is, what the deprivation ratio is or how well they performed over the past 5 or 10 years.

The Big Bad Bear

The big bad bear is stirring again. So far he has stretched, yawned and exhausted out of his cave.

Which Way The Market

I am audible range predictions by brokers, pecuniary planners, talk show hosts and the discussion heads on TV that the promote is going back to its old highs - DOW 11,700 and NASDAQ 5000 here we come.It seems to me that in 2000 I heard these same colonize axiom there was no top to the promote and were looking into their rock balls for DOW 30,000 or some other fantastic number.


The stock marketplace has been going up for more than 7 months and many investors who held on all the way through the big crash of 2000 are bearing in mind their portfolios get back some of what had disappeared. Is now the time to sell those equities that are 'even' with what you paid for them? No.

VooDoo Exercise For the Stock Market

If you go to Haiti or other chairs in the Caribbean you may run into the Voodoo tradition of magic. There are long and as a rule noisy rituals with the medicine man spouting words that bring great power and do magic tricks up doesn't matter what it is the client desires.

Financial Crime

Congress freshly agreed an added new law that is aimed to bar monetary crime. Corporate officers will be sent to jail for "cooking the books" as it is called.

Look Out The Window

Quick, look out the window. It's raining.

War Market

There is no distrust that the stock advertise is being artificial by war jitters. When it looks like peace we have a brawny rally.

Selection Vs Direction

As I have said many times beforehand in this article it especially doesn't make any differentiation what you buy - stocks, funds or indexes - it takes intellect to know when to sell. Aim of the broad-spectrum promote is more critical than assortment of any equity.

Humpty Dumpty the Stock Marketplace Falls Down

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all the King's horsemen could not put Humpty Dumpty back at once again.The Stock Marketplace has had a great fall and all the brokers, CEOs, analysts and politicians have not been able to get it back up again.

Never Lose Money

Never lose money in the stock bazaar again. Yeah, I know.


During our journey down life's path we come to many spaces where the trail divides and we must make a decision. Some absorb psychological (emotional) choices - marriage, divorce, exit home, career changes, etc.

I Love To Lose Money

Well, not really. What I mean is I don't mind bringing up the rear a small total when I have to sell a stock or mutual fund that is going down or attractive away the profit I have made.

Mr. Market

I constantly hear the conversation heads on CNBC-TV, the radio and other sitting room discussion about THE market. Of course, they mean the stock bazaar which in reality now is world wide and no longer just concentrated in New York.

Roller Coaster

I love breaker coasters. The steeper the better.

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