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Zero Sum Game

Most associates think the stock advertise is a zero sum game since there is a buyer for each broker and broker for each buyer so each cancels the other and the lot is equal. Not quite.

You Wont Like This

Why? For the reason that I am going to blow apart your conformist wisdom as I have many times in preceding columns about the lies that Wall Road continues to tell you. This time we are going to go deeper into the belt-tightening exercise to come across the truth about lies the politicians are effective you.

Why Buy and Hold?

Since I can remember, and that's a long time ago, the Wall Road brokerage companies, mavens and mutual fund managers have been exhorting the tune of Buy and Hold for all your investments. There have been bookish studies in print that this is the only way to go.

Whitewater Stock Market

Ever done any whitewater rafting or canoeing? Long periods of cool river followed by short periods of terror. Rapidly the water grips your vessel and you are hard-pressed and shoved by colossal currents over which you have no control.

When Must I Sell?

People are constantly asking me when must I sell my stock or mutual funds?There are some comparatively easy answers to this. In fact, so clean that you won't consider them, but they are effects I have cultured over the past 30 years as a certified dealer on the floor of the commodity argument in Chicago.

Trading For A Living

How many times have you said to yourself, "I'd like to quit this job and just make a active trading in the stock market"? Well, maybe you can, BUT..

The 1% Solution

You maybe know the story of Sherlock Holmes and the 7% solution. He had a drug addiction.

Pension Plans

If you have a annuity plan at work you will want to read this and if you don't you will still want to for the reason that it affects your retirement account.There are two kinds of ceremonial retirement plans that are set in place by employers.

Whos Calling?

Its dinnertime and the phone rings. It's Joe Noname with SuchNSuch Investment Ballet company and has he got a deal for you.

Where Is The Rabbit?

We need a rabbit!This was a appealing atrocious week for the advertise with two 100-point days and Friday concluding on the lows.During these past few days Sir Alan told us clothes are looking up and the budget is essentially strong.


When will the stock advertise stop going down and start up again? If we knew that we'd all be jillionaires. So what do you do now while stocks are going down and stealing away your money every day?What does description tell us? Here is one very exciting fact.

Wall Road Paradigm

In 1960 an persuade running for a watch ballet company in Switzerland open that a small precious stone would beat at a continuous rate. He found this was so correct that it could be used to regulate time so he took it to ballet company management and said it would make an fully new kind of watch that had no springs and no gears.

Time Out

Are you paying any concentration to your retirement savings? Do you have it in cash or an bill with a broker? Maybe you have a certified executive who is investing your money as you add to it every month.Is your bank account growing in value every year? If it isn't why are you hire everybody else invest for you? There is no point having a loser in accusation of your money.

The 10 Commandments

Wall Avenue has been preaching for years and years to investors how and where to put their money. The "experts" have put forth these ideas for so long that they seem to be fixed in stone just like Moses did with God's 10 Commandments.

Your Job

There are so many kinds of work that needs to be done and you are doing one of those jobs right now - except you are one of those two and a half million that have been laid off all through the past 3 years. The press continues to blame China and India for stealing away all these forms of employment, but they don't have it right.

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