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Boiler Room 7/17/00

On Friday or Saturday nightfall my wife gets a movie from Block Buster and after ceremonial dinner we sit, hold hands and watch. This week she brought back one that I think every patron or a person contemplating investing in the advertise must see.

The Bottom?

Every day I hear a big cheese on CNBC proclaim that "this is the bottom" and you be supposed to get in there and buy all those "bargains". "The valuations of the DOW stocks are a steal.

Bottoms Ups

If you have talked to a stock agent or fiscal conniver in the last few days I will bet they all agree that there are some great bargains out there and now is the time to start import in anticipation that the promote will go back up. You will also find arrangement from the conversation heads on CNBC and those talk radio location stock mavens.

Dont Buy Stocks based on P/E Ratio alone

I use the P/E ratio as a consequential indicator for export and promotion stocks but I don't use the ratio in the same a conduct as many value investors teach. I will describe the differentiation in my line for using the P/E ratio to your advantage.

Box Of Chocolates

Ever have one of those experiment boxes of candy? Each hardly piece is beautifully wrapped in gaudy foil or bedecked with an exciting design. Taste just one.

Bull or Bear?

Cat or dog? Maybe Zebra. Shucks, I don't know, but my dealer keeps forceful me it is a bull and to buy this and that.

Buy and Hold Investment Philosophy

Wall Avenue has been preaching the doctrine of Buy and Hold forever. The worst part about it is the small financier (and some big ones) in point of fact deem it.

Buy Low - Sell High

Now where have I heard that before? I know. It was my broker.

Buying Mutual Funds

It looks like the advertise is ready to start up again so it is time to buy mutual funds, but you only want to invest your money in funds that go up. First, you don't want to start with a loss so be sure to buy no-load mutual funds.

Buying New Issues

Has your dealer been business you freshly with the "great opportunity" to get in on a new Opening Communal Offering? With associates like that you don't need any enemies.I don't care how good this new stock gift sounds.

Investment Assets Gains

Have you bought any mutual funds this year or late last year while the bazaar was doing its space rocket thing? Last year it was hard to lose money. This year it has been easy.


How many colonize went to a cash arrangement this week? There is no distrust that this advertise has scared the bajebers out of many investors, me included. Fortunately, I in progress going to cash some time ago, but I did give back a ample quantity of my profit.

Catnip of the Stock Market

I have watched my cat play with a bag of catnip. At first he is having fun and at a snail's pace he becomes drunk with pleasure and then as a final point he becomes so tipsy he falls over to sleep it off.

Chart Reading

As an patron you will want to check out any fairness beforehand you buy it. Many investors go to Morningstar that is one of the chief providers of mutual fund in rank in the world.

China Syndrome

There has been great condemnation a short time ago for the reason that China has been advertising its goods on the world advertise at prices below what other countries, exceptionally the U.S.

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